Saturday, April 30, 2011

Home Home Home, at last!

Unreal as it feels, it is the truth! Not so long ago we collected our house keys and let ourselves into OUR OWN HOME for the first time since early June of last year. It was a ridiculously long travel-day to get here (considering Spain and Norway are on the same continent and all) involving an 8+ hour layover in London, but the whole day we were saying to each other: "it will be a long time before we do this again!". In fact I don't even remember the last time we got OFF of a plane and didn't know of when the next time we would be getting ON. Right now we have no plans to go anywhere, which is kinda weird. Maybe we'll go visit the in-laws in June, but that's only a ferry ride away.

Now we're home and it is nowhere NEAR sinking in that on Monday morning at 7:30 my alarm will go off and I'll be putting real shoes on and jeans that button shut and going to my office. In my first two weeks of work I'll be spending more time away from Juju than in perhaps the entire past two years combined. I'm not nervous or worried or stressed, because I don't really believe it is happening, it feels like just another "activity" that I get to do until I lose interest. I will be in for a rude awakening one day soon...

My heart breaks for Juju if not for myself. She doesn't have any idea what we are ever doing, and this is no different. There are perhaps an unusually large number of toys here compared to your run-of-the-mill hotel room, but "home" means nothing to her little toddler brain yet. Maybe she'll forgive me for disappearing for all of Monday, but by the time Wednesday rolls around she'll start catching on and I doubt the new routine will be a popular one.

In any case, we are home safely and trying to put our house back in order in only two days. Once the work week begins I don't really see myself pulling long hours in the basement sorting through boxes and boxes (and boxes and boxes) of CRAP. So I'm on a mission to get it done now. today. right this minute. Poor H., your heart goes out to him, doesn't it? It should. I'm really a terrible person to live with.

Oh well, I'll get over it. ;)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

I don't think, in the 15ish months I've had this blog I've ever gone three days without posting! So of course I feel terrible about leaving you all hanging. I'll reveal a little secret, here, though, which is that this is the last week of jujubebaby anyway, so perhaps instead of going full speed up until the very end I'll taper off a bit on my way back to a full time job and full time reality.

In any case, despite evidence to the contrary, I have not fallen off the edge of the planet and no great crisis has struck; we simply have been without internet at our new place on Majorca and I've been having too much fun with our friends to worry much about it.

We are renting a huge villa with two other couples and one other baby. Our bedroom suite here is larger than the entire apartment we were renting in Alicante, and the view from my bedroom terrace is this:

The pool, I'm afraid, is too cold to be tempting, but it is nice to look at and the sunbeds are getting some use. Also getting some use are the wine glasses and the xbox. In fact, H. was so energetic in his disco fever that he seems to have broken a toe. It is all black and puffy and from the way he has been limping around you'd think his whole leg will need to be amputated. You know the xbox games are good by the fact that he continues to dance battle it out for first place with the sketchy foot.

I can't say it is easy (getting up with my toddler three hours before the rest of the household) but it is worth it because I can think of no better way to end our year than with good friends and cheap wine. Our friends have a 38 foot sailboat in the marina four minutes from our villa, so with sunny weather in the forecast we can all look forward to taking the party offshore. If only there was a way to hook up the xbox on the boat...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


So what to two unemployed, striving minimalist, anti-consumerists, with a dwindling bank account and no luggage space, do when they are bored?  Buy an Xbox, of course!

No, really.  We did.  H. took a taxi to some electronic megastore and came home with an Xbox Kinect.  It´s the competition to the old fashioned Nintento Wii.  Dude, Wii is soooooo 2009.  Don´t even talk to me about Wii, maybe if you have a facebook account you think it´s cool.  Coincidentally, also soooo 2009.

I´m not quite sure yet how we will get the thing home, because it is pretty heavy and our suitcases were already at the "please step away from the check-in counter and remove two kilos from your bags" stage when we arrived in Alicante.  Juju has an extra pair of crocs she doesn´t need, but they practically have a negative weight, so that won´t help.

Whatever.  The point is, we are now serious gamers owning a serious "seventh generation" gaming console.  The first thing I noticed when I packed myself like a sausage into my spandex work out clothes and popped Dance Central into the machine was that I am sooooo not "seventh generation".  I fit in better with the first generationers.  Because while I love the idea of sweating to the oldies, Dance Central is all Lady Gaga and 29 other hip hop artists I´ve never heard of before.  Way to make me feel old, fat, and uncoordinated in one go!  And when I woke up this morning after a late-night hour of trying to keep up with Poker Face, I could hardly bend over to pick the LEGOS off the floor.

So far I love Kinect, even when it sneakily takes photos of you in unflattering positions and saves them to a library I have yet to locate (please, god, let that library not be online).  I think it is unbelievably cool that you can use voice commands and that you just swipe your hand in the air to select on-screen choices.  There is even a game where you "fly" by flapping your arms and dang, does it have me looking like a stupid grinning idiot because it is tons of fun.  I have the pictures to prove it.  Somewhere.

Monday, April 18, 2011

We've Arrived

Few things say "parenthood" to me quite like a bathtub full of lego* and a chicken riding a 4x4.

And then, as I walked to the library to post this blog I passed a stationwagon decorated (on the outside) with minnie mouse stickers. And I thought, no. THAT'S parenthood.

*is "lego" plural? It is something I should investigate.
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